• Newport afternoon
    A bit before sunset
  • Newport Docks
  • Rhythm of War

    I’m again amazed at how Brandon Sanderson can balance world building with an exciting story. I don’t say that because I’ve become blindly invested in the characters either. Soul crushing lows, dizzying highs, adventure, all await in this fantastic installment. Seeing shallan & kaladin grow as people is as exciting as watching them evolve as radiants. A worthy reading investment for sure.

  • This Funkey-S is so fun
    The newest addition to my collection of tiny computers

    It’s smaller than my AirPods Pro case, but is capable of playing any console game up to and including PS1 titles. So much nostalgia. Battery life so far has been around two hours on a full charge.

  • Swallows out over Easton Pond
    A quiet evening perfect for aerial acrobatics

  • Roger Williams Botanical Center
    The largest indoor garden in New England

    Roger Williams park is neat. It’s out on two islands with lots going on.

  • Command + tab menu behavior on MacOS

    So I was getting frustrated with my command+tab never consistently being on the same screen.

    I Ducked around a bit and didn’t find anything useful. Currently I’m experimenting with how I arrange my monitors in an effort to improve ergonomics. I have a laptop stand on the way, but currently my laptop is just sitting on the desk next to my monitor. When I tried to mouse to my laptop from my monitor, I went “down” because the laptop is lower than my monitor, and triggered my dock to pop up. Command tab then moved to my main monitor! So I thought, “is that what’s going on here?”

    I triggered my dock on the laptop screen, and command tab moved back to the smaller monitor! So that’s what’s going on. Whatever monitor you last interacted with the dock is the monitor that’s going to display the command tab menu.

  • The monarch butterflies came through
  • The Rising Storm

    Felt very much like a “middle” book. Started a little slower than the first, but picked up quick. Definitely had some great twists and turns. A couple favorite quotes:

    • For light and life.
    • The force will provide. The force will guide.
  • Light of the Jedi

    An exciting kickoff for the series. Lots of sensational space fighting and force magic to keep the pace fast. Big fan of the fantastic villains. I hope some of the characters (Burryaga & Bell) make it back for later installments. A couple of my favorite quotes:

    • “Being a Jedi was not about saving oneself. It was about saving others.”
    • When someone was lost, you found them.